One in six Australians has some form of hearing loss. With an ageing population, this statistic is predicted to increase to one in four people by 2050.

The likelihood of experiencing hearing loss increases as we age; about 60 per cent of people aged over 60 have some form of hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss occurs gradually, so it’s common for people to be unaware their hearing is diminishing.


When should I have my hearing tested?
  • Do you have trouble understanding people unless they are facing you?
  • Do friends complain that your TV is too loud?
  • Do you find it hard to hear on the telephone?
  • Do you have difficulty following conversations in noisy environments?

If any of these situations are familiar to you, consider taking a free hearing test by one of our trained audiologists. The test will only take about five minutes to complete. We will then guide you through the next steps to improve your hearing.

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