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Lyric-The Extended-Wear Hearing Device

Tech Topic: Extended Wear Hearing Aids | March 2014 Hearing Review By Mark J. Sanford, MS, Tamara Anderson, and Christine Sanford The InSound Medical Lyric hearing device (now owned by Sonova and sold under the Phonak brand since January 2010) was developed over the past 12 years in Newark, Calif, and was offered commercially for the […]

Tricks to protect Musicians Hearing

Musicians Like to Turn the Volume Up and Most Don’t Really Care Everyone would agree that rock and roll needs to be loud. When working with musicians or people who like to listen to rock and roll, this is a given, and telling them to turn down the volume will “fall on deaf ears.” Well, […]

Benefits of iphone FaceTime for hearing aid users

Everyone has experienced how difficult it can be to carry out a phone conversation in a noisy situation. For hearing instrument wearers, using the phone can be very challenging even in quiet situations and impossible in the presence of any background noise. While the ability to use the phone may seem of secondary importance, phone […]

11 Hearing Aid Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Dispel these outdated beliefs before you decide whether to get hearing aids. Technology is changing at a very fast pace, and it’s hard to keep up—with computers, with cell phones, and with hearing aids. If you’ve had experience with hearing aids in the past, or even if you’ve just heard about previous generations of hearing […]